Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Tea Party movement and it's REAL roots...

The Tea Party has been called a lot of things, they've been called racists, fascists, idiots, rednecks, xenophobes etc.. I myself have called them even worse.
Unfortunately, these terms and labels fail to capture the true sinister and evil intentions of this front group.

The Tea Party is participating in an age old practice of disinformation, intimidation and abuse and dismantling of the democratic process. This EXACT same tactic has been used by fascist right wing ideologues as long as there have been right wing ideologues. The brown shirts who were organized by Adolf Hitler participated in ultra nationalist demonstrations and rallies with orators and flags waving much like the Tea Party does today. They also would go to the equivalent of town hall meetings and they would shout down liberal speakers and shout at the elected officials. This practice was also widely utilized by the Ku-Klux Klan in the 50's and 60's during the push for integration. They would storm town meetings carrying signs saying things like "better dead than red" and "Race mixing is communism" whereas today the tea baggers carry signs that call the president and the democrats communists and accuse them of trying to institute socialism. Hitler gained influence first by attacking communists claiming that communists were taking over the country and needed to be stopped.

The often quoted poem that begins "first they came for the Jews and I did nothing because I was not a Jew, then they came for the communists and I did nothing because I was not a communist..." is a beautiful, insightful poem however it is inaccurate. First they came for the Communists! The FIRST prisoners of the Third Reich were confirmed Communist Party members and suspected communists. Hitler then made the connection with the large number of Jews who were communists because of their stance on equal rights for all races and religions as an excuse to play out his anti-semitic fantasies.

As for the Klan, they also used their stance against communism to justify their outrage and racism in a public arena. The argument that integration would be a form of communism has even literally resurfaced thanks to Rand Paul, Tea Party supporter and son of Tea Party founder and white supremacist Ron Paul who is running for the senate and advocating for repealing the Civil Rights Act. He argues that it oversteps the authorities the government should have over private businesses. He is actually arguing for the right to have all white establishments again!

The next step to a fascist takeover did not have the chance to occur in America thanks to the federal government sending national guards to ensure safety in the transition period. However the next step did get the chance to play out in Berlin. The next step is a revolt (successful or not) which in Hitler's case came about in the beer hall riots that were instigated by Hitler and which landed him in prison. He then of course used that time to gain notoriety and to write the worst run on sentences in the history of literature known as "Mein Kampf" which is german for "Going Rogue" (that's not true but it's funny). Once he has his book out and in circulation among the knuckle draggers he gained even more notoriety and then finally used it to run for office... and win.

I fear (as do many others) that this next stage is being played out before our very eyes. Dead eyed mouth breathers who can barely get through the Davinci Code insulting our (Harvard graduate)President qualifications and intelligence. Racist seniors shouting at our elected officials at town hall meetings. Rabid anti-communism, xenophobia and christian supremacy are prevalent at the all-white all-right Tea Parties that are supposedly representative of the "American People". A shrill voiced racist (and possible also syphilitic) imbecile shouting to acclaim over the P/A system. Going Rogue is still on the best sellers list and Adolf Palin is already building her argument for her presidential run. Her army of brown shirt thugs are regularly interrupting and disrupting our democratic system. Her Goebbels Beck is propagandizing the knuckle draggers on a daily basis and amping up the hyper anti-communism, allowing her to appear above political attacks and those who attack her. And possibly worst of all the media is giving this vocal micro-minority a huge platform from which to spread their low brow propaganda and just as with the Nazis despite their very very very small numbers the political and media attention given them creates a false sense of grandeur and importance. Every politician is now bending over backwards trying not to enrage this very vocal and dedicated mob if for no other reason than for fear for their jobs (if not their lives as many of these footsoldiers even carry guns to rallies, town halls and events which is something even the Nazis didn't do until they took over the government.).

If we do nothing now to stand up to these fascists the way we did during the civil rights movement we could be faced with similar events that played out in Berlin and Germany 70 years ago. It took a combined effort of the government sending physical protection and the left and sensible center providing the civil opposition to the ultra-nationalist right. It can be done and I honestly believe it is already in the works as we speak but we cannot rest on our laurels. We have to push back, for every tea party there needs to be a proportionate response. For instance as of recent polls the American people only have a 30% favorable opinion of the Tea Party Movement, so if they have a rally with a thousand people we need to rally with three thousand across the street! If they have a concert with Kobe Teeth (Toby Keith) we need a concert with Willie Nelson and Pete Seeger across the street!
These Tea baggers are but a crumb on the plate of the political spectrum and we NEED to fight back, not with arguments or violence as they would but just by showing how insignificant and small their movement really is when faced with the mass opposition.
The tea baggers are not powered by the big money donors and GOP backers that they have
propping them up, they get their strength from the illusion of being a mass movement. Only when we show the people both in America and in Washington how the Tea Party has absolutely no voting power can we actually deal the death blow to this leviathan and restore our democracy to it's previous constructive civility.